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Chuck Williams Presents
Halloween...The Happy Haunting of America 2-Disc 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD
Hosted by Daniel Roebuck and Bob Burns with celebrities Robert Englund, Alice Cooper, Tony Todd, Angus Scrimm, Tom Savini, Christa Campbell, Doug Bradley, Don Coscarelli, John Gulager and many more! "A ghastly entertaining trip down monster lane!" --- Ton
Dr. Shocker and Igor Licensed Masks Hot New Price! $19.99 Rondo Awards

Watch the Trailer!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 2008 winners from the Halloween Team!

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of the winning costume!

Best Adult Costume
Male (Age 18+)
Best Adult Costume
Female (Age 18+)
Best Youth Costume
Male (Age 11–17)
Best Youth Costume
Female (Age 11–17)
Best Pet Costume
A Bad Case Of The Bird Flu
The original ROBIN
Cousin It
Hunter The Devil !
Best Children's Costume
Boy (Age 3–10)
Best Children's Costume
Girl (Age 3–10)
Best Couple Costume
(2 People)
Best Group Costume
(3+ People)
Best Baby Costume
(Age 0-2)
Where's Barry Manilow???
Not So Scary Scarecrow
Sinister Minister &
Bad Habit
The Fly Family
Daniel of the Shire

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A must see for all halloween fans!" -Monsterscene Magazine
2-Disc Collector's Edition Features the Original "Halloween . . . The Happy Haunting of America" 55 minute Shockumentary with rare stills by Kathy Burns and Richard Nelson 2-Disc 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Plus these Ghoulish Special Features!
Halloween . . . The Happy Haunting of America 10th Anniversary Edition presented from the Magic Castle
Dr. Shocker ?s Halloween Spooktacular Rondo Award Winning Live Show at the Alex Theater Including Stills and Behind the Screams
Dr. Shocker ?s House of Horror
Exclusive Tour of Bran Castle (Dracula ?s Castle) in Transylvania Artwork from Celebrity Artists Eric Pigors, Gris Grimly, Jack Davis, Rusty Sherrill, Frank Dietz, Chad Savage, and Thomas Straub
Hacker House Music Video ?Comin ? To Kill Ya ?


"The well-executed feature is a tell-all of everything related to the holiday — history, horror, and hauntings — with comments from genre favorites . . . The second disc is chock-full of goodies . . . you can watch and enjoy this any time of the year. Those who liked it ten years ago will be greatly pleased by all of the great extras, and people who are just hearing about it for the first time should definitely check it out. Anyone from a casual fan of the holiday to diehard horror fanatics will be able to appreciate this."

Saint Productions / Horror Society

"An amazing documentary that captures the spirit of Halloween in its very essence that is perfect for the whole family."

Polly Staffle

"RUN, don’t walk! So you can get your hands on IT! A SHOCKUMENTARY for the ages! But be WARNED! You will SEE the HORROR! FEEL the TERROR! HEAR the SCREAMS and SPOOKY sounds! STRUGGLE to look away! Attempt to HIDE! But no mere mortal can RESIST... “HALLOWEEN: THE HAPPY HAUNTING OF AMERICA!"

Bloody Disgusting

"My favorite feature was a pilot for Chuck Williams and Daniel Roebuck’s show RAW TALK, which is comparable to an all-horror version of Jon Favreau’s DINNER FOR FIVE."

Sinister Visions Inc.

"This DVD really transcends documentary; this is a love letter to my favorite holiday... it did my black heart good."

Rotting Flesh Radio

"A dark masterpiece in the art of shock-u-mentaries capturing the innocence, joy, and complex world of the haunted attraction industry...Chuck Williams has pulled out all the stops in this Anniversary Release."

ADitude Advertising

"If you’re a Halloween or Horror fan, then you’ll fall in love with this entertaining and fast paced film. Filled with horror celebrities it will make you remember your own thrilling childhood experiences of Halloween."

Billboard Magazine

"A joyful tribute to the tradition of Halloween and the unique place the holiday has taken in the American experience. A treat for collectors."

Film Threat

"Robeuck and Williams took their film around to conventions where it screened and was met with great enthusiasm. Now, the film has finally been released on DVD for everyone to see… even those too cool to be caught dead at a horror convention... a great idea."


Topping the list with 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and THE OMEN, Halloween DVD makes top ten must-see films this Halloween.

Rock Zone Productions
MySpace Blog Review

"This great, entertaining DVD really is like nothing on the market... timeless and entertaining."



"A must own for horror fans or those who hold the day of October 31st special in their heart . . . looking at what both discs offer, it becomes clear what a full and rich experience this release is."

Gorehounds Unite!

"This is one of the best packaged films I have ever seen! From the beautifully designed and eye catching cover to the amazing amount of extra features and content you get!"


Film Edge

"True aficionados of terrifying cinema, nostalgic monster memories and haunted house scares wouldn't be caught dead without this DVD in their library!"



"If The Devil's Rejects and Bubba Ho-Tep hooked up and had a love child, he'd be 10 years old and look something like Daniel Roebuck (TDR) and Chuck Williams (BHT)."


Grade: A
"A magical mystery tour of Halloween and houses that go bump in the night..."

Fatally Yours

"Fascinating! Halloween . . . The Happy Haunting of America is the perfect treat for this Halloween season!"

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